Core Services

Cuirass Consulting is a specialist in marketing communications analysis, looking at the business impact and behavioural changes effected through the running of and investment in all types of activations from PR and Sponsorship to Digital Marketing and traditional Advertising such as Out Of Home, Radio and Television.

Its methods of approach are developed from the behavioural science school of thought, helping organisations to understand the impact and scale of the effect of their campaigns (Communications) on a group of people (an Audience, for example: shareholders, customers or potential clients).  This involves research, data processing, visualisation and evaluation techniques.


The five services below can be purchased individually or together as a package.  Each service provides a unique perspective on and insight into the way an organisation engages with different stakeholders, focusing either on the Audience, the Communications activity or the holistic evaluation of them both in tandem.  If you are interested in one in particular or in commissioning something bespoke, please get in touch using the form on our homepage.

Market Analysis

Market Analyses are particularly useful for businesses looking for data to back up or justify their marketing investment as part of a business plan.


Cuirass Consulting will produce a report that determines:

  • The current size of the market and trends over time

  • The size of the target audience for marketing communications campaigns

  • The current relevancy of the product to the target market (based on factors such as accessibility, pricing, technology)

  • The competitor landscape for the business or product (from the perspective of pricing, product attributes or customer perception, depending on requirements)

Audience Survey

Audience Surveys are useful ways to gain both qualitative and quantitative feedback from existing or potential customers to corroborate or challenge existing perceptions of a product, service or communications campaign. 

Cuirass Consulting builds, conducts and evaluates the surveys using Qualtrics software.  The surveys can be as simple or complex as required with the cost dependent on the number and nature of the questions asked.

Measurement Framework

Creation of a suitable Measurement Framework is the product of: interviews with key stakeholders; an understanding of the goals, values and purpose of an organisation and a review of the existing infrastructure and provision for data collection. 

This type of project is more future focused than marketing Campaign Analysis and typically occurs before a major campaign or investment period.  The goal is to put in place the necessary methods and means to track progress over time (including benchmarking), rather than reflecting on the activity once it has finished.

Campaign Analysis

Independent Campaign Analysis and Evaluation is vital to achieving a true understanding of marketing performance.

Cuirass Consulting reviews the data generated by different types of marketing campaign and combines into a model designed to see the effect of the activity on key business performance indicators.


This is most helpful for clients looking to map disparate efforts across multiple teams and agencies or those increasing or decreasing marketing investment as part of a planning cycle. 

Media Optimisation

Media Optimisation is a more focused approach than Campaign Analysis, looking at one singular tactic such as a social media marketing campaign, a PR launch or event sponsorship.


The purpose is to achieve better value for money from existing investments.  The fee for this product is a percentage of the value generated, meaning clients save or make more money by employing Cuirass Consulting.



Examples of these services carried out by Cuirass Consulting can be found here.