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Cuirass Consulting provided an Audit of reBuy’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activity across five key European markets. Recommendations were made on how to improve revenue in Germany – measured as the Contribution Margin of product sales – and how to expand efficiently the existing advertising activity in The Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain. 

In Germany, revenue improvement was achieved through a significant cost saving exercise, reducing inefficient advertising spend whilst maintaining a high level of sales.  For the other markets, a reorganisation of the structure of Shopping (PLA) campaigns and a closer working relationship with the local marketing managers facilitated an expansion and improvement of the keyword coverage and ad relevancy for profitable products.

"It was a pleasure working with Mike!  The specific project he consulted at reBuy required a more hands on approach which was conducted independently and in a reliable manner. Mike's quick understanding  of our set-up together with a solid set of recommendations provided the foundation for a successful collaboration. We very much appreciated the structured work approach, the seamless integration with the team and the knowledge share that took place"

Andy Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, reBuy


Cuirass Consulting provided a Market Analysis and Measurement Framework for CallWallet, an app which facilitates and is designed to improve the efficiency of making sales calls.

The Market Analysis reflected on: the product positioning and messaging to differentiate from competitors; the size and attributes of the target audience and the tactics and budget required to acquire customers.  The Measurement Framework provided a guiding set of metrics and data points which will be monitored to understand the impact and effect of sales and marketing activity.

The output was used to inform a go-to-market strategy and investor presentation ahead of launch.

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"Mike's approach was thorough and well-considered. The conducted research provided strong evidence to back up the strategy and recommendations, and his model for measurement was extremely useful and comprehensive.

The work has set us up nicely for success"

Kevin Trapp, Founder, CallWallet


William Hill and iProspect

Cuirass Consulting worked with iProspect to improve the performance of customer acquisition campaigns for renowned betting and gambling brand William Hill. 

It helped the agency team to develop a successful approach to – and hit the ambitious targets set for – the key moments of 2018: the World Cup; the Cheltenham Festival and Grand National; the Premier League and Champions League competitions and big boxing contests such as Joshua vs Parker.  This was achieved through the creation of a tracking report designed to provide visibility of the impact of paid social in attracting new customers to its digital betting environment – the William Hill App and website – and assist with campaign decision-making and budget investment choices.  


Cuirass Consulting has improved the way marketing budget was spent and provided insight into the value of that investment. 

"Mike is an inspiration to the social online marketing industry.  He has had an amazing contribution and been a growth engine for our paid social department in 2017-2018.  My warm recommendations to any business who wants to grow fast and efficiently."

Efi Peleg, Head of Paid Social, William Hill Online

Brunel's SS Great Britain and Kallaway

Cuirass Consulting was introduced to the SS Great Britain Trust by Kallaway – a full-service PR and sponsorship consultancy – to assist with the evaluation of the launch of the ‘Being Brunel’ museum at Brunel’s SS Great Britain, Bristol.

The uplift in visitor figures and average revenue per visitor in the weeks following the opening were investigated in the context of the communications and advertising campaigns.  Online indicators of success such as search volumes, website traffic and social conversation were combined with offline data to demonstrate the differing regional and national impact of each activity and their value to the Trust.      


The insight provided was used to assist award entries and inform future marketing investment decisions.

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Gate to the Games logo

Gate to the Games

Cuirass Consulting worked with trading-card website Gate to the Games to help the online retailer understand the impact of different marketing communications channels on site traffic and sales.

It was found that money invested into paid advertising on social media channels - while generating sales - was not providing the same return as search engine marketing either in the short or long term.  Similarly, on analysis of the relationships with online influencers (bloggers and vloggers) it was revealed how certain content sponsorships were more valuable than others.

Gate to the Games used this insight to invest its money more effectively, generating more traffic and sales with less costs.

"Cuirass Consulting opened my eyes to aspects of marketing that I never really appreciated or took care of.  This revealed not only potential but also gaps in our marketing efforts, which I thought were quite optimised.  Using the information provided we will be able to improve our marketing campaigns while saving costs.  Mike helped us to both save money and invest it more wisely" 

Markus Schwarze, Founder & Manager, Gate to the Games