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Cuirass Consulting has been founded to help businesses measure the value of marketing communications.  The value is often unique to each organisation and goes beyond a simple return-on-investment figure.  This is reflected in the multitude of ways different solution providers position their media or sponsorship offerings.  

Embracing the opportunities afforded through the advancement of technology, we are now at a time where accountability and evidence of success are possible, to meet the demands and expectations required to secure future investment in marketing communications.

Cuirass Consulting provides an independent, holistic view of the role and impact of communications solutions - from PR, Events and Sponsorship to Marketing, Advertising and Branding - to help organisations make investment decisions.  Find out more through these case studies.

It is a proud subscriber to the values purported through the Scottish Business Pledge, committing to paying employees the living wage, suppliers promptly and promoting a balanced workforce, including investing in youth. 

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Purpose and Values

Mike Carter



Mike is a hands-on strategist fascinated by the possibilities of the data generated by marketing communications.

Navigating the different parts of the media landscape since 2010, he prides himself on his ability to understand, tackle and solve marketing challenges for clients by providing concise and well-thought-out solutions.   


In the past - attached to three different leading international media agencies - he was charged with:

  • Evaluation of sponsorship packages for a leading business school and international youth organisation, to help them price and market their offerings

  • Construction of search marketing and social media strategies for one of the biggest technology companies on the planet, to achieve organisational goals

  • Guidance and consultation for major television entertainment, hotel and destination marketing organisations, to identify positioning opportunities

  • Implementation of crisis response frameworks for a global insurance firm and airline brand, to react appropriately and timely in the face of major challenges

  • Defining guidelines for integrating customer data into marketing operations for an international energy company, to improve targeting and efficiency of digital media campaigns