Cuirass Consulting: detrmining te value of marketing cmmunications
Measuring influence: the connection between communications efforts and business results     

Cuirass Consulting evaluates communications activity by identifying, organising and analysing business and marketing data.


It informs decision-making and the development of future strategy by constructing measurement frameworks, creating marketing business plans and implementing impact studies.  Learn more about its service packages and how they might fit your current needs.

Its work is focused on the analysis of behavioural changes in audience groups, looking at the role and impact of marketing communications channels on business performance. 

From start-up to enterprise

Deciphering the lingo and understanding what channels, tools or platforms will work for your start-up - and how - can be difficult without a marketing team.

Cuirass Consulting provides advice and guidance on how to approach marketing communications, without selling you media solutions.

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If you are running marketing communications activity already, you'll have built-up myriad data and reports, and might be considering increasing investment.

Cuirass Consulting sifts through the data to pull out the insights needed to make those investment decisions, whilst recommending ways to measure their success.

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Aligning efforts across teams, agencies and media owners goes hand-in-hand with embracing new technologies, using data effectively and driving innovation.

Cuirass Consulting works on measurement strategies and evaluation frameworks to bring focus and direction to marketing communications activity.

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