The glossary of marketing metrics aims to provide simple explanations of acronyms and measurement terms used by marketing professionals to describe campaign performance.  Where the metric provokes further debate, suggested reading is supplied.


It is ordered alphabetically. 


Ad Awareness

Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) - used primarily in Public Relations as a way of assigning monetary value to an article or feature in a media outlet which has been prompted or influenced by a campaign instructed by the subject.  It aims to reflect the prominence, influence and impact of a message delivered to a target audience by equating the result to the cost of a paid-for advertisement in the same position in the same media.  Its use is highly contentious - more can be read about the debate here.

Audience Overlap

Average View Through

Bounce Rate

Circulation - typically used to describe the number of Print publications distributed in each publishing cycle.  It is different to a title's Readership in that Circulation only refers to the number of copies of the publication, not the audience that reads it (which is often estimated to be more than one person). 


Complete Video Views

Composition Index

Composition Percentage

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Cost per Click (CPC)

Cost per Install (CPI)

Cost per Mille (CPM)

Cost per Person Reached (CPU)

Cost per Thousand (cinema)


Click Through Rate (CTR)

Double Page Spread (DPS)







Hours per listener

Impact (Radio, OOH)



Landing page views

Loop Length


Opportunity to see

Page views





Reach - a widely used term referring to the number of people who have come into contact with a media campaign.  It is often used in the same context as Frequency to provide a sense of the scale of the activation.

Readership - refers to the estimated number of people who read a Print media publication within a defined timeframe or publication cycle.  It is typically more than the Circulation to reflect multiple people reading the same copy.  Readership is sometimes used by online media titles or content publishers - for example,  bloggers - in the same way however, other terms such as Unique Website Visits may be preferred. 

Search volume

Share of Voice (SOV)

Single Column Centimetres (SCC)

Spot Length

Time Exposed

Time length factor

Time on site


Universe vs Impacts